Galveston Beach Nourishment Project Complete

Image source: George P. Bush

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush, Galveston Park Board, City of Galveston officials and parts of the Federal Emergency Management Agency yesterday celebrated the completion of the largest beach nourishment project in TX history.

Ribbon cutting ceremony for the $19.5 million Galveston nourishment project, which started back in January and is now complete, was held at the 57th and Seawall.

Overall, during the three-phase project a total of 1.2 million cubic yards of dredged sand was placed along a four-mile stretch of Galveston Seawall beaches between 10th and 61st streets.

It is the third sand nourishment project undertaken in Galveston since 2015. The first project was completed in March 2015 and added a half-mile of beach west of the Seawall at Dellanera Park.

The second project, completed in November 2015, added more than 15 blocks of brand new beach along the Seawall west of 61st Street.

The Galveston nourishment project, conducted by Weeks Marine Inc., was brought together by a partnership with the Park Board, the City of Galveston’s Industrial Development Corp., the Texas General Land Office and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.