Phipps Ocean Park Beach Restoration Project Wins One

The Phipps Ocean Park in the Town of Palm Beach, Florida, has been named by the American Shore and Beach Preservation Association (ASBPA) as one of the beast restored beaches for 2017.

This award was established by the ASBPA to recognize the considerable efforts undertaken by coastal communities to manage and where necessary restore beach and coastal systems.

Palm Beach Mayor Gail L. Coniglio commented, “Receipt of this award from ASBPA is a great honor for the Town of Palm Beach to be recognized for the successes of the Phipps project and our community’s commitment to our shoreline. From our citizens, to the stakeholders, including the regulatory agencies, consultants, contractors, and our staff, truly this award can be attributed to seeing what can be accomplished when we all work well together.

The 2016 Phipps Ocean Park beach and dune restoration project placed over a million cubic yards of sand over more than 2 miles of shoreline.

According to ASBPA, the project is a prime example of the effective management of eroded beaches through the strategic implementation of modern nourishment practice and is a key element of a town-wide nourishment program.

The project has resulted in the conversion of a highly eroded and vulnerable shoreline into a healthy beach and dune system that provides storm protection, recreational use and nesting habitat for sea turtle and bird species.

The contract, worth around $17 million, was awarded by the town council to Great Lakes Dredge and Dock Co. back in June 2015.