Duck Beach Nourishment Update Meeting Today

The Town of Duck will be holding a public Beach Nourishment update meeting today, May 31 at 1:00 p.m. in the Paul F. Keller Meeting Hall.

In its latest update, the town reported that dredge Dodge Island is still pumping sand south to build a pad to store equipment and will switch the pipe to work north as soon as this is complete.

According to the announcement, the current construction zone is from 124 Sound Sea Ave. to 128 Flight Dr.

The town also added that the Liberty Island pump-out site is closed between 155 Bufflehead and 132 North Snow Geese.

The contractor for the project, Great Lakes Dredge & Dock (GLDD) will, over the course of the project, pump around 1,100,000 yd³ of sand onto the beach.

Because the Duck Beach Nourishment project was originally scheduled to begin on April 1 with completion around the first of June 2017 – now projected from late May to late July – the contractor has plans to bring in another vessel that will speed up the work.

GLDD in mid-May announced that the company is anticipating the use of three dredges, the Liberty Island, the Dodge and Padre Island. So far, the company has not confirmed whether the Padre Island will take part in the Duck nourishment.

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