Piedroba Experts Host World Bank’s Dredging Study Tour

Piedroba’s Dr. Luis Prieto-Portar and Jelle Prins recently assisted the World Bank in organizing a weeklong study tour for a delegation of Bangladeshi Inland Waterway and Transportation Experts.

The tour took place on May 14-19 in Belgium and the Netherlands and was a productive week full of knowledge transfer between a variety of dredging and inland waterway experts, Piedroba said in its release.

During the week, a total of four presentations were given by Dr. Prieto-Portar and Mr. Prins, covering the history of dredging and different types of dredging projects to the specifics of dredging procurement and performance-based dredging contracts.

Dr. Luis Prieto-Portar said: “Whenever you’re invited to teach and share some of your experiences with an audience that includes high level officials, like we had that week, it is humbling. The delegation we hosted was well-informed and a delight to be around. I am hopeful that by supporting this event we have been able to make a positive impact on Inland Waterways in Bangladesh.”

The diverse program also included site visits to different projects throughout Belgium and the Netherlands.