USPA, World Bank to Update Ports Development Strategy

The Ukrainian Seaports Authority (USPA) has just announced that they will update the Ports Development Strategy 2038 in cooperation with the World Bank experts.

The delegation from the financial institute is currently holding a series of meetings with ministries and industry enterprises, visits the largest ports to discuss cooperation and provide technical assistance in the framework of joint work on the Strategy.

“The purpose of the document is quite understandable and logical. It is about clear fixation of our intentions to develop the seaports of Ukraine and to strengthen the role of our country among competitors. This is a logical step in our work to reform the port industry, which includes transition to modern and globally recognized port management systems,” the USPA CEO, Raivis Veckagans, said.

The document foresees modification of port management model, in particular, implementation of landlord principles, setting up port specialization, introduction of mechanisms to attract investment in the port industry, USPA said.

In addition, the plans for the development of ports infrastructure (dredging, modernization of railways, berths) will be reviewed based on an analysis of current and potential cargo flows, taking into account new aspects of the port dues policy.