DEME Forms Drone Partnership with Airobot

DEME, a Belgian dredging, hydraulic engineering and environmental solutions group, has partnered with Airobot in its plan to involve the drones into DEME’s operations.

“We are considering drones to improve the safety of our crews on our construction sites,” said Lorentz Lievens, head of the DEME survey department.

“To create digital terrain models, our land surveyors must work amongst continuously operating bulldozers, excavators and dumper trucks. Additionally, on several sites it is not possible at all to use traditional land survey techniques, for example on recently reclaimed land. To remove them from hazard, we would like to create the DTMs using drones.”

“Airobot supports DEME to select and evaluate the state-of-the-art unmanned technology,” added Jan Leyssens, Managing Director at Airobot.

“Together with DEME, the Xena-1 from Altigator has been selected to which we’ll add our own collision avoidance technology and centimeter accurate GNSS receivers from Septentrio”.

Airobot will also assist DEME to integrate the drones into their operations and organized the pilot training.