Spotlight on Santa Clara River Watershed Study

Image source: USACE

The USACE’s Los Angeles District, LA County Department of Public Works, and the Ventura County Watershed Protection District have partnered together to prepare a feasibility study to support comprehensive flood risk management, ecosystem restoration and other water resources decision-making throughout the Santa Clara River Watershed.

An array of multi-purpose alternatives will be prepared with the study partners and other interests throughout the watershed to identify the Federal interest in future water resources projects, USACE said.

To date, this unified watershed planning approach has developed comprehensive hydrologic and hydraulic  models for over 300 miles of the Santa Clara River and tributaries.

A geomorphic assessment of the watershed has also been completed and a sediment transport model is being prepared at this time, USACE added.

The Santa Clara Watershed Study covers 1,600 square-miles, including the river and tributaries, a variety of urban communities, a thriving agricultural industry and critical habitat links to the Pacific Ocean and major portions of the Los Padres and Angeles National Forests in Ventura and Los Angeles counties.