ECTMarine Introduces Dredge Calculation Tool

Image source: ECTMarine

ECTMarine, a Dutch supplier of dredging components, services and design, has developed the first comprehensive online Dredge Calculation Tool, which serves as an extension of their dredge consultancy services.

“This tool is the first of its kind to be offered freely and accessible to anyone. The software is a result of years of experience and analysis of dredge operation and design, as well as using well known calculation methods,” said ECTMarine in its announcement.

After input of the parameters of your requirements, the Dredge Calculator has the following functions:

  • Required dredging vessel specs such as: required power, required pipe diameters, fuel consumption and required cutter power;
  • Specific soil characteristics;
  • The Dredge Calculator will make a selection of standard ECTMarine dredgers that will suit the requirements;
  • A comparison of the selected suitable dredgers on: specifications, total cost of ownership, operation costs and vessel value (according to Ciria calculation);
  • Cost distribution, project time distribution, dredge time distribution.