Outlook: Waiting for the Next ‘Suez-Sized’ Project

Richard Brakenhoff, Industry analyst at Rabobank

“There’s an enormous potential, the dredging sector promises to be very busy in the near future,” says Richard Brakenhoff of Rabobank.

The Sector Specialist is responsible for the financial institute’s Dredging Outlook and spoke to us about the ahead of his presentation at the Dredging Today Conference in October.

Brakenhoff explains that while the dredging sector is relatively slow at the moment, he has positive forecasts. Global warming and rising sea levels underpin these forecasts. “Take Jakarta for instance. There is a great and imminent need for dredging works, as the soil is eroding and large areas flood yearly.” 

“Plans have already been submitted, but the stakeholders are waiting for the go-ahead. This and several other possible projects in the near future could be enormous, comparable to the Suez canal. If one of these gets green-lighted, this would mean a huge upturn for the industry.”

Richard Brakenhoff will share more details and information on his Dredging Outlook at the Dredging Today Conference, 9 & 10 October at RAI Amsterdam.