Hill Head Seawall Project Progresses

Work is progressing well on the Hill Head Seawall Project in Fareham, Hampshire, according to the Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) latest project update.

ESCP reported that after all 150 meters of the metal sheet piles have been put in the ground, crews will now begin pouring concrete on the site.

The work will run from east to west (heading towards the Sailing Club). At each section of sea wall the concrete will be poured in several stages. The new promenade slabs and steps to the beach being added last. These works will continue through to September,” said the ESCP.

When completed, the new half-a-million pound seawall will reduce the potential for coastal erosion on the cliffs behind the beach huts at Hill Head.

It will also help protect both beach huts and the promenade against high waves in stormy weather, improving access to the promenade throughout the year.

ESCP also added that works on the new replacement seawall will need to be completed by the end of September to avoid any environmental restrictions relating to over-wintering birds and a badger sett.