WEDA: Lifetime Achievement Award for Anthony Binsfeld

On June 28th, at its annual meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, the Western Dredging Association (WEDA) presented an award that recognize individual contributions to the organization.

Marcel Hermans, President and Chair of WEDA, presented the 2017 Annual Lifetime Achievement Award to Anthony Binsfeld in recognition of his life’s work in advancing the dredging industry.

“Anthony Binsfeld has been a dedicated member of the marine construction and dredging industry, committed to promoting innovative technologies and practices. As a young man, he spent considerable time working around and within J.F. Brennan Company, the family business his grandfather started in 1919,” said WEDA.

Tony Binsfeld fostered J.F. Brennan’s move into hydraulic dredging in the 1990’s, which focused the company on innovative dredging, finding new opportunities in environmental restoration, environmental remediation, and high speed dewatering.

His leadership and innovation led to an “out of the box” approach that J.F. Brennan includes in all its projects, concluded WEDA in its announcement.