Spotlight on National Marine Dredging Company’s SHIP

IADC, the International Association of Dredging, has just released the 11th Safety Award 2017 nominee: National Marine Dredging Company’s SHIP “Supervisor Health and Safety Performance Improvement Program”.

To promote the “safety first” mentality among all of its employees, management of National Marine Dredging Company (NMDC) launched the Supervisor Health and Safety Performance Improvement Program (SHIP) in 2016.

The program’s goal was to establish a standard measure for safety awareness in working environments and increase the staff reporting of incidents through the introduction of four easily accessible tools over a minimum period of four years.

Two tools are the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) supervisory campaign and a personal HSE performance action program, the latter of which lets employees tailor their activities in either electronic or hard copy format so a supervisor can check and confirm and individual’s compliance.

The final two tools are the HSE Awareness and Training Program for Supervisors & Foreman as well as the HSE pocket book which can be easily taken on site visits and includes diagrams, policies, a STOP card for observations and a Site Walk-through Check List.

Following SHIP’s implementation, observational reporting by project and technical personnel is on track to exceed a 27 per cent improvement.