Weeks Marine to Continue Buxton Operations

Weeks Marine has just reported that the cutterhead dredge C.R. McCaskill has completed dry-dock inspection and was towed from Charleston (SC) to Wilmington (NC) on Wednesday, September 6.

After remaining in Wilmington for a few days waiting for the passage of Hurricane Irma, the dredge left Wilmington and is under tow to Buxton. It is expected to arrive at the jobsite by Friday morning, September 15,” reported Weeks Marine.

The company also added that the beach crew will be moving dozers, loaders, and other support equipment from the staging area to the beach in front of the north end of the village of Buxton. The fenced construction zone will be set up in the next couple of days, and pumping is expected to resume shortly after the arrival of the dredge C.R. McCaskill.

In the meantime, the hopper dredge R.N. Weeks departed the dry dock in Louisiana this morning. It is expected to take approximately 7–10 days for the dredge to arrive in Buxton. On-site, pre-dredging inspection will be arranged with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers upon the arrival of the hopper dredge.

R.N. Weeks will use the second landing point located approximately 5,000 feet north of the first landing point, and pumping will proceed south to tie in with the sections that were completed by the cutterhead dredge.