Jan De Nul Scoops IADC Safety Award 2017

Jan De Nul Group has won the annual IADC Safety Award for its ‘transport of pipeline optimization’ initiative, presented during the Annual General Meeting of the International Association of Dredging Companies in Marseille, France.

The award was presented by Frank Verhoeven, president of IADC to Maarten Tronckoe, Transport Supervisor at Jan De Nul, initiator and inspirer of the awarded initiative.

When executing a job, we always imagine how to better plan our work and we discuss together how we can improve such plans,” explained Christophe Leroy, QHSSE Manager at Jan De Nul Group. “The optimized working process, for which we have been rewarded today, was developed, designed and tested by our own colleagues in the field. The team combined new ideas with various techniques available on the market which resulted in an overall safer process to handle and transport pipelines.”

Transport of pipelines optimization

JDN was chosen as a winner by the Safety Committee of IADC out of thirteen nominations submitted by all the major players in the dredging industry. Handling and transportation of pipelines of various sizes and diameters under different circumstances has been a reoccurring topic in the dredging industry.

The company optimized and enhanced the handling and transport of dredging pipes by means of three techniques: the use of DHATEC cradles, modular spreaders and C-pipe hooks in combination with soft slings.

The combination of all three improves the efficiency of the job, the safety during the handling and transport, as well as the safety and the ergonomics of the riggers. This optimized process complies with the NBN EN 12195 standard regarding load security.