September Progress Update on the Hill Head Sea Defenses

Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership (ESCP) yesterday presented an update on the Phase 2 of the Hill Head Sea Defense scheme.

Over half of the new sea wall is now complete and we are constructing the remaining sections, including the drainage through the wall from the promenade,” reported ESCP.

Despite the hard work to reopen the promenade, there have been some delays on site resulting in the completion date being moved back to the end of October.

According to ESCP, the significant majority of the concrete wall works should be ready by the end of September, leaving only the prom walkway, access steps and barrier rail to complete.

The delays on site have meant we’ve needed to agree extensions to our environmental licences. We will have daily environmental monitoring during October to make sure we are not disturbing the wildlife in the area with the remaining works,” said ESCP.

Eastern Solent Coastal Partnership also added that with the sheet piles now in place the pouring of concrete can begin. The work will run from east to west. At each section of sea wall the concrete will be poured in several stages. The new promenade slabs and steps to the beach being added last. These works will continue through to September.