Clinton Town Marina Dredging Underway

The maintenance dredging of the Clinton Town Marina is now underway, reports the town’s website.

According to the town, the dredging of the marina that is one year behind schedule, began yesterday, October 4th at the town docks.

The project will affect the use of the marina and the parking lot for the month of October. The current schedule calls for the project to be complete by the end of October,” the town reported.

They also added that dredging will be taking place 24 hours a day, seven days a week in order minimize costs and to expedite the project for completion before winter weather starts.

Schedule for the Clinton Town Marina Dredging project:

  • October 4th – October 7th: Town docks and piles removed and stored;
  • October 6th – TBD: Boat ramp closed for safety;
  • October 8th – October 21st: dredging operations 24 hours a day;
  • October 25th – October 28th: Reinstallation of Docks and Piles;
  • November 3rd: Project Finished.

The dredged material removed during the works will be taken by scow and disposed of at the Central Long Island Sound Disposal Site (CLDS) which is located approximately twenty-two miles from the dredging site.

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