SACE Working Hand in Hand with Dragflow

SACE, an Italian export credit agency, said in their latest release that they have ensured Dragflow’s exports to the United Arab Emirates, worth € 5.5 million.

Dragflow, with the support of SACE, is consolidating its presence in Dubai. In 2016, in fact, the company ensured its exports, offering competitive payment conditions to its Emirate customers,” reported the agency.

According to SACE, they will be covering 100% of the loan in the form of an export guarantee.

“In addition to the strength of a high-quality product and Italian know-how, our collaboration with SACE offers us a further advantage over the competition: being able to offer extremely flexible, advantageous payment conditions,” said Nicola Masotti, Dragflow’s Sales Manager.

The Roverbella based manufacturer of heavy duty pumps and complete dredging equipment is exporting dredging machinery to Dubai where the equipment will be used for works in numerous job sites in the UAE coastal areas.