Enhanced Tier 3 Diesel Marine Generators from Kohler

Kohler Power Systems, manufacturer of diesel and gasoline marine generators for a wide range of pleasure and commercial craft applications, has announced the availability of new single- and three-phase Tier 3 marine diesel generators.

The company’s 14-24EKOZD/12-20.5EFKOZD integrate Kohler diesel Tier 3 engines and other enhancements, including improved sound shields and Kohler’s Decision-Maker 3500 controller (DEC 3500).

“Our generators are always evolving to meet the diverse and dynamic needs of today’s boat builders and pleasure craft owners alike,” said Greg Klompenhouwer, senior product manager for Kohler Marine. “These newest models reduce sound levels with an air induction silencer while also delivering the performance and peace-of-mind that comes with our Kohler Tier 3 diesel engines. We’re confident the market will respond strongly to these new and improved marine generators.”

In addition to enhanced sound-dampening and engine reliability, users of these new models will also benefit from the ability to quickly and easily parallel two or more Kohler generators with a single communication wire, which is delivered through the company’s exclusive DEC 3500 controller, said the company in its release.

The DEC 3500 controller’s space-saving design eliminates the need for oversized switchgear among other benefits, including:

  • built-in load management software, which removes over-fueling issues and the need for exhaust treatment systems; remote monitoring, which provides the ability to monitor and control the generator from anywhere on the vessel;
  • fully potted circuit boards and sealed connectors, which protect against corrosion;
  • fewer failure points for superior dependability.

Kohler PGEN system

Kohler manufacturers marine generators that provide provide power to all the equipment found on dredges as well as all of the vessels that work along side the dredges,” said Patrick Kline, Regional Manager – Global Marine, Americas.

Kohler recently released the Kohler PGEN system. This system allows you to parallel or auto transfer load between generators with a cable. The revolutionary PGEN system allows the vessel and dredge operators the ability to save on fuel costs, install smaller and lighter generators and most of all provide a safe working environment for the crew.”

“In a traditional generator set up for a vessel or dredge to parallel generators you would require switch gear which could cost up to $50,000US, the Kohler PGEN system does not need switch gear to parallel generators.”

The Kohler PGEN system also allows users to auto transfer load where, if one generator fails, the second generator starts in less than 10 seconds.