Trent Flood Defenses on Display

Gedling Member of Parliament Vernon Coaker recently visited the Holme Sluices at Colwick, Nottinghamshire to find out more about the Trent flood defenses and the work of the Environment Agency.

The MP met with EA officials, led by Louise Cresswell, Area Director for the East Midlands, to see how the sluices work in protecting properties from flooding and how they maintain levels in the River Trent during times of low flow.

He also discussed the general work of the EA including the ambitious plan to improve fish passage for all species in the lower River Trent.

Louise Cresswell, Area Director, East Midlands, said: “We took time to show how the sluices work and to explain the flood defenses for the area generally which protect a huge number of people and properties, including many in his own constituency.

Vernon Coaker, Member of Parliament for Gedling, said: “It was a fascinating visit and gave me a better understanding of the River Trent and how it works. The Environment Agency are doing some great work and it is important that we continue to work together for the good of the local area.