Shoreham Adur Scheme January Update

The Environment Agency has just released the latest update on the Shoreham Adur tidal walls scheme.

The Shoreham Adur project is being carried out by Team Van Oord on behalf of the Environment Agency, Coast to Capital Local Enterprise Partnership, Adur District Council and West Sussex County Council.

The scheme is separated into 10 reaches, or lengths of the estuarine bank.


W1: Shoreham Fort

Construction began in November 2017. The flood defense at the Harbor Club is nearly complete. The piling works are progressing well at the Sailing Club and towards the fort. The rock deliveries will be starting towards the end of February 2018, reported the EA.

W2: Emerald Quay and Sussex Wharf

The concrete work on the slipway is very advanced and work to prepare the riverside surface for installation of the flood defense is progressing well. A significant proportion of the flood glass has been installed.

W3: Riverside Road

The piling works are very advanced and the concrete works are well underway. The Environment Agency has started work on the tie-in to the footbridge.

W4: Ferry Bridge

The majority of the wall is finished.

W5: Riverbank

Construction work began 15 January 2018. The riverbank footpath is now closed to the public, and will remain closed throughout the duration of the work. Preparation works are underway to allow piling to begin towards the end of February 2018.

The Environment Agency will be using a different piling technique in this area, using a machine called a Giken Piling Rig. This machine is a hydraulic press, which pushes the piles into the ground.

W6: Recreation Ground

The flood defense is complete and open to the public, with the exception of the area next to the railway bridge.

W7: Shoreham Airport

The Environment Agency are due to start flood defense construction in this area soon.

E1: Tollbridge House

The flood defense between Star Gap and Oyster Quay is complete. Work at the Bridge Inn and Toll House is nearly finished.

E3: Old Railway Reach

The works to the north of the Amsterdam pub have now been completed. The northern section of the Downs Link has been reopened to the public. Work to complete the section of the defense closest to the railway will be starting soon.