New Fork River Restoration Project on the Way

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Pinedale Field Office and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) are proposing a project that will improve stream and riparian habitat and boating access on the New Fork River near Pinedale.

The restoration project is located on the New Fork River at the “old” boat ramp site referred to as the “Gas Well Site.”

BLM and WGFD staff are developing the environmental assessment, which will analyze any impacts of this project. The New Fork River Habitat Restoration and Boat Access project would improve boat access and improve stream and riparian habitat. Fish habitat would be improved by increasing pool habitat and diversity in the river by creating a narrower and deeper river and by decreasing river bank erosion, reported the BLM.

The restoration work is divided in two phases. Phase one includes reconstruction of the boat access site, addressing riparian habitat and erosion issues immediately upstream and downstream of the boat access.

The second phase will address the remaining river and riparian habitat issues within the two-mile segment of the river. Some of the proposed work includes using trees with roots attached as anchors along the riverbank, decreasing the slope of eroding banks, and planting sedges, grasses, willows, and other vegetation to increase stability to the streambank and deflect water from the bank. Other improvements include rerouting short segments of the stream channel, increasing the number of pools, and fencing to protect treated areas.


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