Burry Port Dredging Wrapped Up

Image source: themarinegroup.co.uk

During the autumn of 2017, Carmarthenshire County Council instructed Cardiff Marine Services to undertake a 20 day water injection dredging trial at Burry Port Marina, working one tide a day to establish if this method would improve the access around the marina.

The area was dredged with an average of 1m depth of silt cleared, approximately 9000 cubic meters of silt was successfully removed by the water injection dredger.

“Following the initial trial, we were employed to dredge for a further 50 tides and successfully reduced the silt level by 1m throughout the marina,”¬†Cardiff Marine Services said in its announcement.

Water injection dredging uses water pumps connected to a series of nozzles on a horizontal jet bar. The nozzles inject large volumes of water at low pressure directly onto the sediment build up.

This process fluidises the sediment build up, turning it into a density current which is then able to flow horizontally out of the channel or port. This process eliminates the need for traditional excavation dredging methods and the subsequent transportation of the dredged material.

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