Lake Arbutus Dredging Project Available for Comment

The Jackson County Parks Department has submitted a request for Department of the Army authorization to mechanically dredge 1,400 cubic yards of fill material from the Lake Arbutus in Jackson County, Wisconsin.

According to the Corps’ St. Paul District, the proposed work would be completed under frozen conditions while water levels within the lake are drawn down.

All dredging activities would be completed using a backhoe/bulldozer, and dredged material would be temporarily stockpiled below the plane of the OHWM, within the limits of the proposed dredging area, for dewatering purposes. Once adequately dewatered, all dredged material would be immediately loaded into dump trucks and hauled to an off-site upland disposal location,” USACE said.

The Corps also added that compensatory mitigation would not be required as the project area has been previously dredged, and the proposed work would restore the project area to its original depth.

Deadline for sending comments on the proposed project is April 5, 2018.


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