EADA Award of Excellence for DR. GYY Victor

Image source: EADA

Dr GYY Victor was conferred and honored with “Award of Excellence” by Eastern Dredging Association (EADA) for his recognition of his outstanding commitment and contribution to Eastern Dredging Association of India and Indian Dredging Industry.

The award was bestowed on Dr GYV Victor by the founding member of Eastern Dredging Dredging, Mr John Dobson, Director of World Dredging Association and Treasurer of EADA along with Capt. Dato’ David Padman, Chairman, World Dredging Association.

EADA conferred such award of excellence for the first time to Indian Dredging Industry and was awarded in the Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Eastern Dredging Association of India (1993 – 2018) held at National Institute of Ocean Technology, Chennai, India.

EADA (Asia and Australasia) coordinates activities and programs among national dredging bodies at regional level and help foster networking amongst regional members in matters related to dredging, reclamation and coastal protection.

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