Vicksburg Students Take Tour of Dredge Jadwin

Fourteen sophomores from the Architecture, Construction, Mechatronics and Engineering (ACME) Career Academy at Vicksburg High School visited the Vicksburg District Harbor Facility Tuesday.

At the harbor students got an inside look at the maintenance shed and the Dredge Jadwin while learning about potential career opportunities within the Corps, specifically civil and mechanical engineering.

There are so many job opportunities onboard the Dredge Jadwin, ranging from deckhands, 2nd mates, mechanical engineers and pilots,” said Chad Bounds, chief of navigation.

This industry visit and others like it aim to expose students to potential career opportunities that are available within the Corps. It also gives students a personal view of where they could potentially work one day.

“This opportunity allows our students to see individuals working in the fields they themselves are interested in,” said Dr. Terence James, Vicksburg Warren Career and Technical administrator. “They get a firsthand look at the job opportunities that exist in Vicksburg, along with the working conditions and day-to-day life aspects of a prospective job.”

On Tuesday’s tour, students also learned what educational requirements would be necessary to work in specific areas on the Dredge Jadwin.