CPRA Presents 3rd Quarter Progress Report

Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Board (CPRA) at its meeting yesterday presented the agency’s 3rd Quarter Progress Report.

The report was presented by CPRA Deputy Executive Director Jason Lanclos. It features 72 total active projects: 5 projects in planning, 23 in construction, and 44 in engineering and design. “Implementation of these projects will benefit more than 130,800 acres of coastal habitat and improve more than 187 miles of levee,” Lanclos stated.

By the end of the 3rd quarter, CPRA anticipates completion of $160.7 million in construction projects benefiting 4121 acres and improving .5 miles of levee. Also advertised or mobilized in this quarter CPRA reports $90.3M new projects that will benefit 1130 acres and improve 2.4 miles of levee. To bid within the next six months, the $23.9M South Grand Chenier Marsh Creation Project will benefit 414 acres in Cameron Parish.

Lanclos also reported $626.7 million in projects scheduled to complete this quarter: $10.9M Morgan City/St. Mary Flood Protection to improve 2.5 miles of levee, St. Mary Parish; $614.8M Permanent Canal Closures and Pump Stations to improve .3 miles of levee in Jefferson and Orleans Parishes; and $1M Kraemer Bayou Boeuf Levee Lift to improve 6 miles of levee, Lafourche Parish.

Yesterday, CPRA also announced receipt of an $18.5 million Deepwater Horizon RESTORE Act grant for the Houma Navigation Canal project. In a release issued by the Governor, CPRA Board Chair Johnny Bradberry stated, “This is a high performing Master Plan project that will complement previously implemented segments of the Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection System funded through local and state efforts.

Click here to view CPRA’s 3rd Quarter Progress Report


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