DEME PHOTO: Pinocchio Busy at La Reunion

Image source: DEME

In the French Region of La Reunion, DEME Group’s backhoe dredger Pinocchio continues the works for the Nouvelle Route du Littoral.

Image source: DEME

DEME is executing the dredging, gravel bed installation and backfilling works of the 48 gravity-based foundations for the 5,400 m highway viaduct.

The Nouvelle Route du Littoral program, being executed for the account of La Réunion, consists of preparation and foundation works for a dike offshore the existing ‘Route du Littoral’ between the regional capital Saint-Denis and La Possession.

According to DEME, a trench has to be dredged wherein consequently rocks are placed using a side stone-dumping vessel. Also part of the project is the installation of a scour protection.

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