The Entrance Dredging Underway

A dredging program on The Entrance Channel is currently underway, the Central Coast Council said in their latest announcement.

Mike Dowling, the council’s Director of Assets and Infrastructure, said that the dredging program is carried out to maintain tidal exchange between the ocean and the estuary.

“Council must balance the delicate environment of The Entrance Channel while enhancing navigation of the area, providing sand nourishment of the local beaches and reducing the risk of localized flooding,” Mr Dowling said.

To do this, council uses fixed cameras to continuously monitor the sand within the channel and completes sand surveys when required.

“Dredging is undertaken, on average, every two years and the sand removed from the channel is used to combat natural erosion at The Entrance and North Entrance beaches.

“We expect to remove more than 60,000 cubic meters of sand during this dredging program, including a small amount west of the bridge.”

Council has dredged The Entrance Channel when needed since 1993, the last dredging program was undertaken in 2015.

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