PGA Invites Bids for Polnocne Quay Expansion Project

The Port of Gdansk Authority (PGA) has invited bidders to submit their offers for the Polnocne Quay expansion project, one of the largest development projects carried out by PGA.

Commenting the latest tender, Lukasz Greinke, PGA President, said: “The expanded Polnocne Quay will be used primarily for Ro-Ro transshipments. We are witnessing rapid growth in this area, particularly in the transshipments of commercial vehicles. Compared to 2016, the year 2017 ended with a result better by 400%. Our task is to adjust the infrastructure to the needs and development of the market.”

This expansion program will include demolition of some existing structures in the area of the silting field, a significant amount of dredging work, construction of the quay infrastructure with external networks, and obtaining the occupancy permit.

A contractor will also be responsible for the construction of a parking section of the quay with bottom reinforcement, a universal section of the quay with infrastructure, a Ro-Ro ramp, and a transshipment section of the quay along with infrastructure and a closing section.

According to PGA, potential contractors have until the end of July to submit their offers and construction work is set to start this year.

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