Thibaut: $2 Million Boost for False River Restoration Project

Louisiana Representative Major Thibaut has secured an additional $2 million in state funding for the False River Restoration Project, as work continues on the river.

Dredging of the north end of the river is expected to begin in November or December of 2018.

Since 2011 over 3.5 million dollars of state and private funding have been obtained and allocated toward the improvement of False River.

The project is multifaceted and has included dredging, installing weirs and making design modifications along the canals that flow into the river in order to reduce the sediment build up in the river.

The silt build up has caused issues with water clarity and turbidity which has impeded vegetative growth and reduced fish spawning habitat in addition to causing concerns for safety and access in some parts of the lake.

The restoration of False River is critical to the fabric of our parish, so I thank Gov. John Bel Edwards and Senator Rick Ward for their support of this funding,” said Thibaut.

Much progress has been made in improving the river, but this is a process that will continue for years to come. Based on the number of boaters we have seen on the lake and fishing reports from our local anglers, I think it’s safe to say that False River is on its way back! We must continue to keep pushing forward!”

M-1 and M-2 weir projects were completed last fall, which helps reduce the silt coming into False River.

In addition, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is continuing its efforts to improve the health and productivity of False River. LDWF has initiated lake drawdowns that have helped to consolidate the lake bottom and reduce turbidity, thereby also improving fish habitat and water clarity.


Photo: Image source: False River Civic Association