Event Celebrates the Launch of Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure

The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Event celebrates the launch of the CEDA-IADC publication Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure.

The event comprises a conference and speaker program organized by CEDA and IADC as well as a networking area complete with exhibitors organized by Dredging Today.

Taking place from 19-20 November 2018 in Amsterdam’s Beurs van Berlage with both technical presentations and networking opportunities, the event’s program will encompass the guidebook’s topics.

The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Event will be pertinent to those responsible for delivering hydraulic infrastructure projects which should add value – beyond the economic aspect – to the natural environment and society in which they will serve.


The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Event will be hosted by CEDA, IADC and Dredging Today to advance the dredging community’s thinking regarding sustainable dredging.

Through organizing the Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Event, the three organizations aim to promote the advancement of the dredging industry by promoting the benefits of sustainable approaches to the development of marine infrastructure projects.

From 19-20 November 2018, the conference, technical sessions and networking area will take place at Beurs van Berlage, the historic stock exchange building situated in the center of Amsterdam.


The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Event is based on the forthcoming CEDA-IADC guidebook Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure which will be available world-wide in November 2018. Containing contributions from leading specialists in the field, the publication will serve as an authoritative guide to delivering dredging projects that enhance the natural and socio-economic systems.


Selected from internationally renowned experts including members of the multidisciplinary team of authors who contributed to the publication, the event’s speakers are scientists, practitioners and project owners with backgrounds in engineering and environmental sciences as well as decades of relevant experience.

Highly interactive sessions will be held to address the topics of stakeholder management, ecosystem services and adaptive management and beneficial use of sediments.

Alongside the technical sessions, an area dedicated to networking and exhibiting of innovations will present opportunities for participants to engage with each other during the two-day-long event, enhancing knowledge exchange and transfer.


Professionals and companies aiming to deliver dredging projects with longevity which also maximize the benefits to society, nature and economy will find this event to be of particular relevance.

The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Event will confer quintessential knowledge for planners, designers, decision makers, regulators, contractors, project owners and environmental advocates.

For more information about the Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Event, visit the event’s website at www.sustainabledredging.com.


In addition, the annual Dredging and Port Construction Innovation Awards will be held on 20 November, the last night of the Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Event.

The award ceremony marks both Dredging and Port Construction magazine’s 50 year anniversary as well as the event’s debut in Amsterdam. The DPC Innovation Awards 2018 will take place at Amsterdam’s De Koepelkerk.

For further information regarding the award ceremony, visit www.dpcawards.com.