Waterking VIDEO: WK 90 Busy in Doetinchem

Waterking BV, a Dutch company involved in the production of amphibious excavators, said in their latest announcement that their WK 90 was prepared and transported last week to execute work in Doetinchem at the longest cable waterski track of The Netherlands.

“The maintenance that was carried out to get the track at the right depth and that made the next group of waiting water-skiers very happy,” Waterking said.

The track is ready to use again and will contribute to the fun of a lot of water sports enthusiasts.

Working depth

Amphibious excavators can be used on land as well as water. This means it is possible to easily cross swamps, moats, lakes and other waterways. The machine starts to float if activities are carried out in water deeper than 1-1.8 meters (depending on the model).

Amphibious excavators can be fitted with additional pontoons for extra stability and buoyancy when performing activities in water between 4.0 and 6.0 meters in depth.

All Waterking excavators can be fitted with additional pontoons featuring spud poles. These additional pontoons are attached to the undercarriage and the spud poles can be operated from inside the cabin.