Little Hadham Flood Alleviation Scheme on the Way

The Environment Agency is working with Hertfordshire County Council to develop proposals for a flood alleviation scheme for Little Hadham in conjunction with a bypass on the A120.

Planning permission for the scheme was received in January 2017.

The villages of Little Hadham and Hadham Ford have suffered from flooding from the River Ash and its tributaries on several occasions, including a number of events between 2001 and 2014.

Following the flooding in October 2001, the Environment Agency developed the River Ash Flood Risk Management Strategy to examine the extent of flooding along the river and evaluate potential solutions for reducing flood risk.

The study concluded that flood alleviation measures for the River Ash would not meet the minimum cost-benefit criteria for government funding at that time.

Hertfordshire County Council’s proposal for an A120 bypass allowed the Environment Agency to revisit the opportunity to provide flood alleviation measures for Little Hadham and Hadham Ford.