Sediment Removal Activities Resume in Braddock Bay

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Buffalo District, resumed sediment removal in Braddock Bay earlier this week and expects to continue operations throughout the rest of the month.

The sediment removal is part of the Corps of Engineers’ ecosystem restoration project currently underway at the bay.

As part of the overall ecosystem restoration project, the Corps of Engineers has previously completed construction of a barrier beach and emergent wetland.

Boaters should exercise caution when traveling the area, said USACE in its release. Sediment removal activities will include hydraulic and mechanical removal of material. Boaters can expect to encounter large equipment in the bay.

“Public safety is extremely important to us,” said Sheila Hint, project manager with the USACE, Buffalo District, adding that they encourage boaters to pay close attention to all markers and signage, and to move cautiously through the area while construction is underway.