Cape Jaffa Dredging Works in Full Swing

Kingston District Council, South Australia, has just released the latest update on Cape Jaffa, Maria Creek and Wyomi Beach projects.

According to the update, Council’s dredge is making good progress at the Cape Jaffa Anchorage Marina. At the end of this week the dredge is expected to turn around and head back into the Marina to complete a final sweep of the main channel.

It is anticipated that the Marina will be re-opened in 2 to 3 weeks. The facility remains closed at this time.

The Council also added that the work will be significantly increased at Wyomi Beach from tomorrow (Wednesday 3rd October). The aim is to complete all rock placement by the end of this week with the staircase installation to occur shortly after. Once all work is completed the Council will clean up the area and re-open the road.

On Monday (8th October) work will begin at Maria Creek to re-open the Recreational Boat Launching facility. Work will start on the southern side of the groyne removing seagrass to create a buffer that will help prevent material from entering the channel.

Once a suitable buffer is achieved, work will immediately begin inside the channel to excavate seagrass. Excavation work is expected to take a number of weeks to complete. Once excavators have done all they can an assessment of depth within and outside the channel will be conducted to determine dredging requirements.

If dredging is required, the dredge will be mobilized to Maria Creek. The facility will remain closed at this time, the Council said.

Due to boat ramp closures at Cape Jaffa and Kingston, access points at Thredgolds, Johnson Avenue, Pinks Beach and Cape Jaffa have been improved to assist recreational fishers with beach launching. Recreational Fishers are asked to contact the Council Office if access points need additional work.


Photo: Image source: Kingston District Council