Zumbro River Dredging About to Begin

The City of Rochester, MN, said in its latest release that the Zumbro River dredging scheme is expected to begin on Monday, November 26. 

Image source: Silver Lake Boat & Bike Rentals

The removal of sediment from the Broadway Bridge (near Soldiers Field) to the Bear Creek Confluence (near Mayo Civic Center) will help maintain the proper channel capacity to handle flood events.

Loss of channel capacity could lead to flood waters leaving the channel and impacting area residents and businesses.

“This will be the fourth time the entire channel has been dredged since the flood control project was completed in 1995,” according to the announcement.

Trucks hauling sediment will be accessing the construction site along 3rd Avenue SE south of the bridge and on 4th Street SE near the surface parking lot east of 3rd Ave SE, the city reports.

It is expected that the Zumbro River dredging program will be completed by December 31, 2018.