Port Canaveral Sand Bypass Project in Full Swing

Image source: olsen-associates.com

The largest sand bypass project in the Port Canaveral area, Florida, in more than two decades is moving forward. 

According to the latest project update, the sand placement began at about 1/3’rd mile south of the Canaveral Harbor south jetty and is proceeding northward to Jetty Park.

Toward the end of December, sand placement will resume south of Jetty Park (around Solana Shores Drive) and proceed southward toward Cocoa Beach.

The five-month effort will move approximately 1.34 million cubic yards of sand to replenish 3.5 miles of beach south of Port Canaveral.

The sand placement program, conducted by Norfolk Dredging Company, will initially widen beaches by about 150 feet, after which the sand will drift southward, maintaining Brevard’s beaches at their historic dimensions.

Sand Bypass Project

The Canaveral Harbor Federal Sand Bypass Project (Phase V) will pump sand taken from the shoreline north of Port Canaveral along Cape Canaveral Air Force Station to beaches south of the Canaveral Inlet, from Jetty Park to a half-mile south of the Cocoa Beach Pier.

Locally sponsored by the Canaveral Port Authority, the $18 million federally-authorized project is scheduled to last through late April 2019.

Work was deliberately scheduled to take place between late November through April to avoid sea turtle nesting season.

Olsen Associates Inc., a Jacksonville-based coastal engineering firm has been contracted by the port to provide consulting services for the project.