Update on Arundel Tidal Defenses

The Environment Agency reported today that it has completed engineering surveys of the river defenses in Arundel.

According to the EA, since October 2018 their contractors have completed drone surveys, visual inspections, surveys of the river bed and thickness tests of sheet steel piles on the River Road side.

They also used mechanical equipment to dig narrow holes in the ground (boreholes) on both sides of the river. Investigating the material below ground will help them to better understand the stability of the river defenses over the long-term.

Once the Environment Agency has analysed the results of the surveys, they will have a better understanding of the condition of the river defenses throughout Arundel. They will share this information with riverside property owners and help explain what it means for them.

These investigations will inform where exactly in Arundel improvement works will take place, as part of the Arundel Tidal Defenses scheme – Phase 1. The results will also help them understand where and when works may be needed in future years.

The Environment Agency anticipates the scheme will better protect around 130 properties from flooding and up to 30 properties against river erosion on both river banks. Repairs to the collapsed wall at River Road will be completed first, and work there is scheduled to begin by autumn 2019. The whole phase 1 scheme is estimated to be completed by autumn 2020.

The EA is planning to hold a public event in spring 2019 to share more detailed plans with the community.