Damen Stan Tug 1606 for Gerd Stensen

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Image source: Damen

Damen Shipyards Group has signed a contract with Gerd Stensen AS from Norway for the delivery of a Damen Stan Tug 1606.

According to Damen, the client will apply the new vessel to their dredging operations.

Gerd Stensen, like Damen, is a family company. Their dredging work includes but is not limited to the extraction of coral sand for the French agricultural industry.

They have previously operated a Damen Stan Tug 1, still going strong after 36 years and recently sold to a vessel operator in the Baltics.

Commenting the latest news, Damen Sales Manager Norway, Eirik Eide, said: “This is yet another example of how beneficial standardized stock building is for the maritime industry. Not only will the client receive a product that has proven itself in operations many times already, but the vessel is ready built for the fastest possibly delivery. In this way, Damen supports its clients of all sizes and all locations, throughout the world.”

The order for the new Stan Tug 1606 came about when the client received a new contract for a dredging operation in the north of Norway.

The tug will provide support to the dredging operation, manoeuvring a pontoon in the Norwegian fjords.


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