‘Design Guidelines for Inland Waterways Dimensions’ Published

The World Association for Waterborne Transport Infrastructure (PIANC) has published the “Design Guidelines for Inland Waterways Dimensions” which objective is to develop a standard methodology to design of existing and future infrastructures.

These guidelines have the aim to increase inland waterways capacity and to permit the use of autonomous vessels, in the future.

The new guide, in which development Siport21 has participated, determines the minimum horizontal dimensions of fairways -from the nautical point of view- emphasizing the aspects of Safety and Ease, the operational economy of shipping and their compatibility with the Environment.

This report was elaborated because of lack of internationally accepted guidelines for inland waterway dimensions and the necessity for adequate new guidelines to improve the design of different navigation areas (bridges, lock approaches, anchorage areas, turning basins, etc.).

New dimensions and propulsion systems of the existing fleet, together with better information services (GPS, ECDIS, AIS, etc.) and improved forecast of hydrological conditions of the waterways have been considered in order to optimize the investment and the capacity of the waterways.

The report also provides guide notes on the optimal use of ship handling simulators for waterway design purposes.

Fifteen world-leading experts in navigation and port design made up the PIANC Working Group, including two members from Siport21.

Photo: Image source: Siport21