Amphibex by Normrock Ready for Nigeria

Image source: Amphibex by NormRock

Normrock, a Terrebonne, Quebec based company, said in its latest announcement that their Amphibex will soon be in Nigeria to reduce the heavy accumulation of sand in the Niger River, which would lead to flooding.

According to the company, these issues cause a blockage of waterways, preventing the development of import and export. The solution to these problems will include a significant amount of dredging operations with their amphibious machines.

Amphibex is an amphibious excavator, well-adapted to work in all kinds of marine environments. It can be used to remove debris and sediments from river-beds and lakes, or to prepare for the installation of submerged piping infrastructure.

It is especially suited to the decontamination and engineering needs of government, local communities, private promoters and industry.

Niger River, Image source: Amphibex by NormRock

Photo: Image source: Amphibex by NormRock

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