Damen Plans to Invest in Bangladesh

Damen, a Dutch defense, shipbuilding and engineering conglomerate company, plans to invest in Bangladesh in a bigger way, the United News of Bangladesh (UNB) reports. 

Image source: Damen

Chief Executive Officer of Damen, René Berkvens, expressed their investment interest to Bangladesh Ambassador to the Netherlands, Sheikh Mohammed Belal, during a meeting held in The Hague recently.

According to UNB, Damen’s investment in Bangladesh would open up a new avenue for Bangladesh’s shipping sector and accelerate economic benefit.

During the meeting, Ambassador Belal apprised the CEO of Damen about Bangladesh Delta Plan-2100 and how the Bangladesh government is taking preparations to  implement the plan phase by phase.

In response to Ambassador’s request, the Damen CEO promised to visit Bangladesh in April 2019 to verify the potentials of investment in Bangladesh.