Utah Lake Deal for ArcDMC Sediment Solutions

ArcDMC Sediment Solutions, LLC of Melbourne, Florida, has been selected by the Utah Lake Restoration Project, Inc. to perform a bathymetric and geophysical survey of Lake Utah, located in the Utah Valley, North Central Utah.

The purpose of this project will remediate excess phosphorus and nitrogen lake sediments, restore water quality and ecosystems in Utah Lake.

Following successful staged environmental remediation metrics, the project will begin construction of several islands to establish the first LEED City to be built from concept in the USA.

Lake Utah is approximately 24 miles long and 8 miles wide (192 square miles +/-) with water depths of 0 to 15 feet.

ArcDMC will provide Utah Lake Restoration Project, Inc. not only with bathymetric surveys describing the existing water depths of the lake but also with geophysical surveys exploring the subsurface geology using the Aquares resistivity method to provide geological information to be used in foundation design and enable optimization of the dredging operations.

The restoration of Lake Utah will be the largest fresh water lake dredging project in US history. Current plans envision excavating 1 billion cubic yards of material during an eight to ten year dredging program.