PHOTO Update: Wasa Dredging Makes Difference in Klaipeda

Image source: Wasa

Since beginning of February 2019, Wasa Dredging’s backhoe dredger Optimus, self propelled split hopper barges Boann and Sinann are working together with the self propelled split hopper barge Johannes de Rijke in the Lithuanian Port of Klaipeda.

Image source: Wasa

The dredging work is being performed as part of the Port of Klaipeda’s reconstruction program, aimed to result in several newly constructed quay walls, which allows for an increased nautical depth.

Under the contract, the dredged material will be transported to an offshore dumping site, Wasa said.

The main goal of the project is to enhance navigation safety, create economic growth possibilities and help in developing the systems of environmentally friendly transport modes and multimodal transport.

According to the Port of Klaipeda, these factors will contribute to the enhancement of environmental protection conditions in the region.