Sebastian Inlet Dredging Moves Ahead

Dredging works to remove approximately 150,000 cubic yards of sand from the Sebastian Inlet in Florida are moving ahead, Sebastian Inlet District said in its latest announcement. 

Image source: Sebastian Inlet District

Ferreira Construction of Stuart, Florida, has been using its 18-inch hydraulic dredger Lori Hill, equipped with Hypack software, to remove sand from the inlet’s sand trap and navigation channel.

At the beginning of this month, approximately 10,000 cubic yards of sand have been placed and crews will work their way South, anticipated to progress approximately 1,000 feet a week for the next 5-6 weeks depending on weather conditions.

According to Michael Ciabatteri, project manager for Ferreira, sand is moving through about 18,000 feet of 18-inch HDPE pipe with the two inline boosters, a 16- and an 18-inch, one placed under a bridge and one on the beach.

Dredging of the sand trap for beach placement as a priority started in January, and will continue through February 25. The final beach tilling and grading are set to be complete by the end of February, the district said.

Dredging of the channel will begin in mid-March, filling the DMMA with sand, before demobilization in mid-April.