President Trump’s EO Eases Veteran Transition Into Merchant Marine

The U.S. President, Donald Trump, signed an executive order yesterday to help sea veterans seamlessly transition into the U.S. Merchant Marine.

The order is designed to bolster the ranks of the Merchant Marine and increase job opportunities for transitioning troops.

Under the order, the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security will – over the next year – identify all military training and experience that may meet merchant mariner credentialing qualifications and requirements.

Commenting the latest news, Dale Pyatt, president and CEO of Quincy, Massachusetts-based Cashman Dredging and Marine Contracting Company, said: “As a company that employs veterans from all military branches, Cashman Dredging & Marine Contracting Co., LLC would like to thank President Trump for his attention to the U.S. Merchant Marine, and his strong support for our military and veterans.”

“We at GLDD are thrilled that President Trump has chosen to acknowledge and encourage the men and women of our armed forces who are making and have made the transition from military to maritime careers. In our case, GLDD has 75 veterans who are now career dredging employees, each of whom is making a positive difference in our company, our industry, and our country,” Lasse Petterson, chief executive officer of Great Lakes Dredge & Dock Company (GLDD) added.

“U.S dredging industry maintains the Nation’s seventeen sensitive Navy bases and military terminals. Further, the U.S. dredging companies have always recruited personnel from the ranks of the Armed Services. This is a great thing President Trump is doing,” said William P. Doyle, CEO and executive director of the Dredging Contractors of America.