Old Rothera Wharf Removed

The construction team of BAM Nuttall Limited and Ramboll UK have just finished removing the old Biscoe wharf at the Rothera Research Station, Antarctica.

Photo courtesy of BAS

As reported by the British Antarctic Survey (BAS), deconstruction of the old wharf – which began in January – was completed in early March.

BAS also added that the first frames of the new wharf are due to be lowered into place soon by construction partner BAM.

The new wharf, which will be significantly bigger than the current wharf in order to accommodate the RRS Sir David Attenborough, is being built in two stages.

During the first season, the existing wharf is being excavated and removed; temporary cargo unloading and boat launch facilities are operating from South Cove.

Most of the rear section of the new wharf will be constructed in the first season, then the front section attached during the second season.