VIDEO Update: Lake Audubon Dredging Nears End

The Lake Audubon dredging scheme, conducted by Lake Services, Inc., is nearing its completion, the Virginia based Reston Association said in their latest project update.

Routine dredging is part of the association’s lakes maintenance program, which helps to extend the life of the lake.

As lakes age, they eventually fill in through sedimentation. Sedimentation occurs as material such as soil from stream erosion, construction sites, unstable slopes, road sand, leaves and debris from trees, street gutters, and storm sewers accumulate in the lake.

The dredging operation staging area is located at the Lake Audubon boat ramp, adjacent to Lake Audubon Pool.

Sediment is being removed from the lake, placed in trucks and then hauled to a disposal site in Loudoun County.

It is expected that this very important cleanup project will be completed by mid-April 2019.