Another Successful Project for Damen DOP200

A Damen DOP submersible dredge pump was put to the test recently in a lake dredging project in the large nature park Oberspreewald in Eastern Germany.

In order to complete the project fast, as wildlife breeding season was approaching, a DOP200 was purchased at the end of February.

The DOP200 was attached to and powered by a 33 tons Doosan, type DX 300-5.

This excavator had been adapted in only 4 days to enable it to drive the DOP200s hydraulics; the adaptations included amongst others the installation of different valves and switches as well as additional pressure meters and hoses.

The DOP worked with a max dredging depth of 4,5 m, removing sand which had been deposited by currents over the years.

The sand was pumped through floating pipe lines into 50m³ barges which were moored alongside the pontoon.

The DOP successfully removed around 30.000m³ of sand in 3 weeks’ time – under many restrictions the bird sanctuary imposes.