North Manitou Island Dredging Plan Proposed

The Michigan’s National Park System (NPS) has applied for a Department of the Army permit for the dredging and beach nourishment operations in Lake Michigan at North Manitou Island, Michigan.

According to an official announcement, they are proposing to annually dredge up to 70,000 cubic yards from 400 foot by 460 foot area surrounding the existing pier and docking facility at North Manitou Island.

Proposed dredging works will be conducted by hydraulic or mechanical means to a depth of 10 feet below Low Water Datum (577.5 feet IGLD).

Dredged material will be transported via pipeline or barge and discharged between the Ordinary High Watermark (581.5 IGLD) and the four foot depth contour below Low Water Datum from the existing pier extending 3,600 linear feet southward, and 1,000 feet northward.

The deadline for submitting the comments on this dredging plan is June 27, 2019.